Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson
The Edge of Things (returning work)

About the Work

The Edge of Things is a pair of shadow portraits of things at the fraying edge of the built world: infrastructure remains, tools beyond repair, fragments. They find their way, abandoned or carried by tides and temperatures, to nooks in the shoreline. If the place is just right, ignored well enough, they begin to accumulate there, forming and re-forming a shape in the negative space of our busy world.

About the Artist

Combining elements of drawing, sculpture, photography, and natural dyes, Nelson's installations explore our bodily relationship to our environment. She looks to craftspeople and movement improvisers in search of more diverse forms of knowledge, creation, and decision-making found in the body. Her installations, made using both found and crafted elements, are intended to speak directly to the body of the visitor through their curious material combinations and spatial/visual compositions.